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Hydrogeneted Auto Clave
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Hydrogenated autoclave vessel is produced by the addition of Hydrogen gas to castor oil in the presence of nickel catalyst" This is known as hydrogenation process.

Autoclave uses in different Products:

It is used for reactions like Alkylation, Amination, Bromination, Carboxylation, Catalytic reduction, Chlorination, Dehydrogenation, Esterification, Ethoxylation, Halogenation, Hydrogenation, Methylation, Nitration, Oxidation, Ozonization, Polymerization, Sulphonation etc. at high pressure, vacuum & temperature.

» To invent new chemicals
» To produce chemicals in small quantity in batch or continuous mode.
» For pilot plant purpose.
» For quality control & process improvements
» To study reaction parameters.
» For heterogeneous mixing.
» To carry out catalytic reactions.
» To carry out exothermic or endothermic reactions.
» For corrosion studies.
» For reaction calorimetry.
» For Supercritical CO2 solvent extraction system
» For Hydrogen disbonding test etc.

In R&D centers, pilot plants & manufacturing facilities of fine & speciality chemicals, bulk drug (API) pharmaceuticals, dyes, intermediates, paints, oils, agrochemical, petrochemicals, petroleum etc. Industries & also in chemical engineering colleges / research institutes / defence organisations where high pressure reactions are carried out.



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