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Jacketed Flaker Drum Roll
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Equipment description of Jacketed Flaker Drum:

Jecketed flaker Drum are used to convert molten products into flux form in continuous operation. Molten solid from tray adheres outside rotating and internally cooled drums. The product solidifies and after completion of rotation of drum scrapped off the drum surface to form flakes.

Rotating drum: Molten material is continuously feed in the flaker tray. Material level is adjusted as it just touches drum surface. Rotating drum dips directly into molted mass from tray. Flaker drum is cooled by water/ chilled water circulated by spraying inside drum. Tray is jacketed for heating to maintain temperature of molten mass to avoid solidification in tray.

Rotating drums are available in choice of material according to chemical properties or choice of end user.
Material available are Carbon steel, SS 304, SS 316, SS 316 L, Cast Iron(Optionally chrome plated)

- Drive: Drum is rotated with variable speed drive with electric motor.

- Scrapper : Scrapper Knife scraps off solidified material from drum. Material of construction of Scrapper knife varies as per requirement. They are designed to ensure uniform pressure against drum over a full length without vibration. The knife pressure is controlled by adjustment screw manually or pneumatically.

- Hood : To prevent toxic, offensive smelling vapors and dust, flaker is equipped with totally enclosed hood with exhaust system.

- Material removal: Material flaked is collected in chute, can be directly filled in drums or bags or collected in screw conveyor.

- The required flake size is achieved by controlling drum speed, layer thickness and knife angle.


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